Hybrids and Interconnections at Gulir Bunyi: Impuls!

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Gulir Bunyi: Impuls!

As a music improvisation workshop, Gulir Bunyi have had so many different variations. At many times I adjusted the instructions and game formulas to accomodate a diversity of the participants.

On Gulir Bunyi: Impuls! I am trying to bring back the four games original category which was

  1. Follow The Leader- Tune in to one participant and develop, or mimicking exact played elements.
  2. Flash Cards- Flash cards can override certain instructions, and enhance the game or steer the music to different areas
  3. Pass The Ball- Music element start by one person, and pass it to another with specific instructions
  4. Free For All- Free improvisation within the given framework

After some time formulating different ideas on the game chronological orders, I have decided to explore these four categories in one particular session. There are four sessions in Impuls! And each designed to exercise and train our ear, in tuning in with different context and improvisation frameworks.

On the fourth session, I am introducing the new ways to toy with the elements from Utas Gita, by using handsigns on the three main categories: Repetition, Sound Shape, and Improvisation. The use of hand signs and body language will be explore further on this new session.

By bringing more ways to interacting, I believe we can enhance the spiritual connections as an improvising unit. Therefore on Gulir Bunyi: Impuls!, participants can ‘request’ on a specific category, to be played by whole, or separated units. The function of the game leader or mediator, is to decide whether the request is to be processed-or ignored.

On the last performance of Utas Gita, we did tried to build more interactions with the audience, by allowing them to request a specific instruction or category by using hand sign or flash cards. I found that this was the most amazing moments of uniting perspectives, ideas, by communicating sounds and interact with it.

So Impuls! Is another way of bringing a new experience to public, by using music as a tool, a perfect medium for us to interact with each other; in a new, fun, and most educative ways that only the limits of your imagination can take you.(DJ)

Gulir Bunyi: Impuls!

Music Improvisation Workshop by Dion Janapria

23rd March, 7-9pm at iCanStudioLive

Free Admission

For registration contact 0813 8762 5512


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