Baur: The Second Edition of Utas Gita

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Welcome to the second edition of Utas Gita, a compositional based workshop/musical game.

Baur is an extended version of the musical game Utas Gita: Gumlau, which designed to offer an intuitive variation on the aleatoric Gumlau. This game was based on a spring improvisation work: “Gumlau: For Collective Composer” by composer Arham Aryadi. At its core, it is a systematic musical game that utilises musical elements as springboard for a new compositional structure.

Utas Gita: Baur is specifically designed for 6 players, and a group leader that controls the movement and flow of the group. This extended version explores unlimited possibility of instrument combination; as a participatory activity that will squeeze your imagination into an intense music making session.

Glockenspiel, electric guitar, floor toms, to everyday objects were the instruments we used on Utas Gita: Baur, to explore sound scapes which was based on the four main categories (see How To Play Utas Gita). Within the playing group was guitarist Arnando Putra, Yohanes Kelvin, and vocalist Mian Tiara. We had so many things left to be discover, on this collective music composing through musical games; which embraced a transcendental perspectives in Gamelan tradition.  (DJ)



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