Utas Gita: Gumlau with Arham Aryadi at iCSL

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Gumlau is an ancient name of gamelan, a berpencu musical instrument which use a traditional engineering of metallurgical technology, spread throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Gumlau was originally designed as a spring improvisation work called “Gumlau: For Collective Composer” by Indonesian composer Arham Aryadi, performed at Art Summit in October 2016. At its core, it is a systematic musical game that uses elements played by each player to form a complete compositional structure.

Each player has three musical elements:

  1. Repetition sound
  2. Random, improvised sounds
  3. Constant sounds

Similar with Utas Gita at Gulir Bunyi, each player are equipped with tools in alphabetic symbols (three flashcards), each representing these three main elements. The music making process happen simultaneously as players can instruct each other by presenting flash cards, while taking cues and play elements contain in the instructed cues which is presented by other players, in one participatory, vigorous and interactive session.

Utas Gita: Gumlau is an extended version of the original Gumlau, which specifically designed for 8 players, and one workshop leader that controls the flow and movement of the piece by using two letter symbols. Letter A is an instructional cue for allĀ  players, to play a designated interlocking motives using sounds patterns, while Z used as ending or other designated cue.

In this extended version of Gumlau; Utas Gita: Gumlau explores unlimited possibility of instrument combinations; using a musical game that squeezes your imaginations and musical intuition into a music making session.

Utas Gita Workshop: Gumlau by Arham Aryadi

25 August 2017, 7-9pm at iCan Studio Live

Jl. Erlangga V No.14, Jakarta Selatan

Tickets, Contacts and Reservation:




About Arham Aryadi:

Muhammad Arham Aryadi (b.1989) is an Indonesian composer, known as founder and music director of Indonesian Contemporary Gamelan Ensemble (ICGE)

His latest works includes Comissions for Ensemble Multilateral, Arts Summit, KFW Stiftung “Ruang Suara” performed with Ensemble Modern, 7th Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival, and 5th Malaysian Composer Series.


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