Utas Gita is an ensemble based workshop with infinite combinations of musical instruments. Using elements from jazz, ethnic, and compository music, Utas Gita extensifies multiple cues instructions within a small group of participants to create a spontaneous, new musical work within the given time frame.


-Utas Gita merupakan sebuah workshop kolaborasi dengan komposer Arham Aryadi. Workshop berbasis komposisi musik ini bersifat kolaboratif dan mengambil aspek musik partisipatoris, dengan menggunakan ragam media instrumen dan teknik komposisi.-

“Utas Gita is a Gulir Bunyi game piece heavily influenced by Gumlau. It was originally designed as a spring improvisation work called “Gumlau: For Collective Composer” by Arham Aryadi, performed at Arts Summit in 2016. Every Utas Gita sessions are uniquely amplifies the musicality of each participants by taking an ensemble approach of crafting original music to a whole new level in an active, collective act of music making. This project based ensemble workshop aims to record and showcasing the work in both audio and video format at the end of each sessions”

At its core, it is a systematic musical game that use elements played by each player to shape a collective, compositional structure. The music making process happens simultaneously as players can instruct each by presenting flash cards and hand signs, in a participatory & interactive sessions. It is designed for 8 players and one workshop leader”